It’s not just what you give, it’s what you get out of it.

…As well as giving us your time, carrying out activities with people with intellectual disabilities, you’ll also acquire extraordinary life experiences. 

It’s not just what you give, it’s what you get out of it and, together, we can do our bit to transform society with values of respect, generosity, commitment, imagination and teamwork. 

In its range of services, The People Foundation offers the adapted Leisure and Sports Service through our leisure clubs with which we provide the resources and support needed so people with disabilities can exercise their right to individual and shared leisure on an equal footing with the rest of the community.

Being a volunteer has changed the way I see the world around me and the way I understand disability. Often we think we’re volunteering to teach others and we come out of the experience having learned more than we could ever imagine.
Judith. Volunteer. (28 years old)
You get to discover a whole new world so I’d encourage anyone to become a volunteer. The work you do helps many people who really need it, either to take part in leisure activities or to do sport of any kind.
For me, being a volunteer means putting my time and energy into special people, because I believe that being involved in a project will benefit them and play a part in my personal growth.
I fell into the world of volunteering by accident, I was encouraged and “gave it a go”. I discovered a “whole new world”. 15 years later I still devote some of my time to create a wealth of great times with people with a wide range of abilities who know how to enjoy themselves to the fullest at all times.
Raúl. Volunteer. 38 years old

What can you do?

What we ask for?

What we offer

Volunteering never

Is a job.

Only generates benefits for the volunteer.

Saves on professionals

Only generates benefits for the professional.

A pathway to employment.

Volunteering is an incredible adventure.

Volunteering brings out the best in me. I learn new things, see the world from a different perspective and, of course, there is always fun to be had. It is an enriching experience on a personal and professional level. 

Laura. Volunteer. (19 years old)

I’d like to become a volunteer

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