Developing abilities and skills

What is an Sheltered Workshop?

Sheltered Workshops are one of the key training, occupational and work options aimed at people with intellectual disabilities, giving them the opportunity to make progress in their future role as workers.

Who for?

It is a resource or a service that strives to integrate people over 18 with intellectual disabilities into society and the world of work, through occupational training and by teaching them the personal and social skills needed to develop their personal autonomy, social training with a view to entering the job market.


A multidisciplinary team of professionals that deal with all aspects of people’s day-to-day lives: basic needs, leisure, family relationships, self-determination, inclusion and contribution to the community, health care, psychological care, physiotherapy care, to name but a few.


  • Get the person with a disability ready for the world of work to deal with the demands of day-to-day life and work.
  • Foster the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities by running work, personal and social activities to develop their autonomy, social training and job qualification, depending on their individuals needs and characteristics.


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