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What is early care?

Early Care is the set of interventions aimed at children aged 0 to 6, their family and the environment, with a view to responding as soon as possible to the transitory and ongoing needs of children with developmental disorders or at risk of suffering them. These interventions look at the child’s overall situation and are drawn up by a team of professionals with an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approach in mind.

Who for?

For children age 0 to 3 with disabilities or at risk of disability, and from age 3 to 6 without schooling.

Treatments and services

  • Physiotherapy
  • Stimulation
  • Speech therapy
  • Involvement with the family
  • Involvement with the environment
  • Coordination with services
  • Stakeholders (health, social and educational)

Field of involvement?

The programme includes home care to bring it closer to more rural areas if the vent someone lives far from the capital of the province.


Our team of professionals comprises stimulators, speech therapists and physiotherapists.

First steps, where to go to?

TheHeadquarters of the Territorial Management of Social Services in your province. Care is initiated at the request of the family by submitting an “Early Care Request”. This application form can be obtained at the centres of the Social Service Management, Hospitals, Health Centres and CEAS or downloaded from the Regional Council of Castile and León website. This application is also used to process the recognition of the situation of dependency and access to the benefits to which the person may be entitled as a result thereof.

Rubén. Direct Intervention Team

Early Care gives you the opportunity to accompany, guide and advise families during the early stages of their child’s development, and support them in the needs that arise together.

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