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At the heart of the People Foundation is committed families that have helped it to become a large foundation with a number of different work centres in Castile and León, accompanying people with disabilities from early care, from 0 to 3 years old, to nursery and primary school, special employment centres and homes, offering them comprehensive care throughout their entire lives.

The People Foundation was set up in 2008 a non-profit organisation, that strives to manage the centres and services of our founding entities and, in turn, respond to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

From the outset, the mission of the People Foundation PERSONAS has been to improve the quality of life of the people with intellectual disabilities while boosting the well-being of their families. Nevertheless, the foundation is currently expanding its services to provide support to people with any kind of disability, in a situation of dependency, the elderly and groups at risk of social exclusion.




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What we’ve achieved

Many people aligned to achieve the same goal.

Going to great lengths for 60 years (giving it our all)

The People Foundation comprises five historic associations of families of people with intellectual disabilities in Castile and León. 

Each of them has been going to great lengths over the last 60 years to defend the rights of people with intellectual disabilities

In 2008 they decided to come together to form the People Foundation.

Since then, by making management much more efficient, they are as committed as ever to giving visibility and improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and the well-being of their families.

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The People Foundation is our families, the people cared for, our professionals, our volunteers, all our partners, suppliers and collaborators… Who all do their bit day in, day out to improving people’s quality of life.


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Full inclusion

All our founding associations are part of theCastille and León Full Inclusion programme, the federation of associations and foundations of families of people with intellectual disabilities in the region. The 5 associations have over 60 years’ experience, sharing innovation under a mutual partnership.

In turn, Full Inclusion is the associative movement that has been fighting for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities in Spain since 1964 and contributes to their full inclusion and that of their families in society. 

Intellectual disability

Each and every person with an intellectual disability is different and unique, therefore the services and support provided must be personalised, respecting cultural and ethnic differences and each person’s specific abilities and personal circumstances.

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