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What is a bespoke service?

The NEW “EL BARCO” service adapts to people’s interests and needs, providing them with opportunities and experiences. This new programme strives to respond to the demand, drawing up an individual and unique plan for each person, taking into account 5 areas:

Work areas

  • Nature
  • Movement and health
  • Art and culture
  • Conquering skills
  • Discovering the world of work

Who for?

For people over 18 who have an intellectual disability.


This service will be available in Valladolid soon. 


All activities and workshops are held inside and outside. The facilities will be in:

Obregón People Foundation Centre
Pso. Obregón 2-6 – 47009 Valladolid

Direct contact

Tel.: +34 983 330 163


to El Barco

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