Day Care

Personal learning. Social promotion

What is the Day care centre service?

We offer specialised day care resources for people with disabilities, providing comprehensive care to people in a situation of dependency during the day with a view to improving or maintaining the best possible level of personal autonomy and dependency, not to mention supporting their families or carers.

This service offers day care centres that cover all aspects of caring for people with intellectual disabilities and those who require significant support, to allow them to work on skills with a view to substantially improving their quality of life.

Who for?

Service for adults with intellectual disabilities who need help doing basic everyday activities.


A multidisciplinary team of professionals that deal with all aspects of people’s day-to-day lives: basic needs, leisure, family relationships, self-determination, inclusion and contribution to the community, health care, psychological care, physiotherapy care, to name but a few.


  • Foster personal autonomy
  • Prevent dependency from getting worse by providing support in basic everyday activities.
  • Social integration.
  • Helping dependent people to continue living in their environment.
  • Collaborate in maintaining or improving their health.
  • Social support and care for families.
  • Help families acquire the necessary skills to provide care.
  • Develop occupational, employment and social skills to improve social and occupational integration.

Felipa Martín

I like living here, I’m happy. I do many things in the day care centre (handicrafts, I learn to use my mobile phone, I lend a hand at reception…) and I can also do many things that, if I didn’t attend I never would’ve learned how to do, such as going to the beach on holidays, to the theatre… I know people and have a great time. I like being here.

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