General Law

The People Foundation is firmly committed to the social and labour inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. We help companies to become more socially responsible by giving people with disabilities to opportunity to exercise their right to work and feel fully integrated in a company.

Why comply with the General Law on Disability (LGD)?

Complying with the General Law on Disability apart from being a legal obligation, it is an opportunity for companies to make a firm commitment to having more diverse workforces. This commitment helps to break down the barriers, prejudices and biases that are rampant in society against people and situations we know very little about. Complying with the LGD could be the first stage of a CSR strategy or a firm commitment to having a more diverse company.

Take part in public tenders

Companies that comply with the LGF are a fundamental and key requirement when it comes to accessing public tenders.

List of Requirements

They make it easy to become involved in tenders from suppliers of companies with Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Avoid sanctions

Non-compliance with the LGD shall lead to a mandatory sanction of anywhere from €3,126 to €6,250 and the payment thereof does not exempt the company from having to comply therewith.

How to comply with the LGD?

In terms of the rights of people with disabilities, the greatest progress made in the LGD is in the field of employment. The legislation sets forth the right to work for people with disabilities and to equal treatment in the workplace.

With a view to guaranteeing the right to work, the LGD sets forth that public or private companies or institutions with 50 or more workers must keep 2% of their workforce for people with disabilities.

This regulation was already in force in the LISMI, but was repeatedly disregarded. For this reason, the LGD has come up with so-called alternative measures. In this regard, companies that cannot carry out direct recruitment can comply with the law byemploying people with disabilities in another way.

Sheltered workshop

Procurement of goods or services from a SNS

Donations and Sponsorships to non-profit organisations engaged in inclusion

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