II Family Meeting

We share hope

Families from Guardo, Palencia, Segovia, Valladolid and Zamora, symbolise the value of unity when it comes to a share objective: provide quality services to their children or family members with intellectual disabilities, open up new opportunities for personal development, autonomy and employment.

The People Foundation President, Manuel Fernández, got things underway accompanied by the Head of Social Services Eduardo García Brea.

The first part was held in the auditorium of the La Yutera University Campus: a colloquium conference with Mª Jesús Goikoetxea, professor of psychology and bioethics at the University of Deusto, discussing disability from different points of view, its relationship in the family environment, in society, with avant-garde approaches and views of the future, all with people at the heart thereof.

Continuing in the People Foundation facilities in Palencia, in the Our Home Residency”, where we continued to get to know each other, enjoy a pleasant meal and pay a visit to the new recently built day care centre and home for people with special support needs.

The People Foundation is about the celebrate its tenth anniversary, with a history dating back more than fifty years. We manage more than 2,400 positions daily that cover the entire life cycle, we employ 1,563 workers (753 with disabilities) and call on the support of 3,000 families. This makes us who we are; it allows us to grow, progress, offer more and improved services; and this continuous improvement has led to being awarded the ISO Quality standard certification for all our services, which offers extra guarantee to our activity.






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