I People Foundation Volunteer Meeting

With a view to shining a light on the value of volunteering, generating learning and offering tools for continuous improvement, The People Foundation held this meeting on Saturday, 1 December and Sunday, 2 December with more than 60 participants from all the provinces of Castile and León, within the framework of the Foundation’s tenth anniversary celebrations in collaboration with Plena inclusion CyL.

The training content was delivered by doctor in pedagogy Lars Bonell who got things off to a start with “Collective Construction of Volunteering”. The activity continued at the Sierra del Brezo hostel, in Velilla del Río Carrión, with a dynamic on “Creativity for Volunteering” and finished up on Sunday with the “Tejeda de Tosande” hike in the Sierra del Brezo.

After the musical reception held in the Guardo Musical Group (AMGu) facilities and the institutional opening attended by representatives of the local, provincial and regional government. The event finished off with a surprise video message recorded by our wonderful friend Leo Harlem.

Volunteering is of utmost importance to complement the professional work being carried out day after day in our People Foundation’s centres and services, where this contribution comes together with what the PWD themselves offer with a view to changing attitudes, spaces, actions, social participation and a number of other achievements that help improve the quality of life of people with disabilities while providing new development opportunities.

Guardo was the perfect welcoming place, to take in its stunning natural environment and the hospitality and kindness of its people.

On 5 December, International Volunteer Day, let’s congratulate each other and keep creating a cutting-edge connection with our social environment together.

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